Useful Unicode Characters

Bookmark this page and copy necessary characters from it when needed.

Currencies: ¢, £, ¤, ¥, €, ₽, ₿.
Dashes: ‒(figure), – (en), — (em).
Math: ±, ×, ÷, ∞, ≈, ≠, ≤, ≥.
Super- and subscripts: ², ³, ₀, ₁, ₂, ₃, ₄, ₅, ₆, ₇, ₈, ₉.
Arrows: ←, ↑, →, ↓, ↔, ⇄, ⇐, ⇑, ⇒, ⇓, ⇔.
Miscellaneous: ©, ®, °, №, ™, ⌀, ✓, ✗.

Let me know about other characters that ought to be added here.




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